HELP!my landlords under age Daughter want me to sleep with her by force,A man cries out.

I am tempted to sleep with my landlords 15 year old daughter. This girl has been tempting me seriously and I have been respecting myself . I will be driving to work and she will hang her panties on my car glass, I will throw it away .

If I am at home she will slip love notes under my door. It is that bad that he enters my house and lie that her father sent her to me , I almost slapped her one day because I saw her like a younger sister. The little girl is so spoilt . But Bom this girl has grown above her age, her boobs are so big and she has ass, you won’t even believe she is just 15 years .

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I don’t know how she got my number and she sends me her naked pictures and I have blocked her but I won’t lie I actually saved those pictures because they are so hot. I am loosing my grip I think I will fall for her but I feel it is child abuse . Bom help me I just moved into that house and can’t just move out . Do I tell her dad ? It does not make sense or I should just bang her before another sharp guy does before me. Please help.

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