This week it was announced that Rick Ross would be flying to South Africa for a surprise gig with Kwesta and Heineken

Instagram @richforever

While he’s here, he wants to meet all of Mzansi’s beautiful women… at your nearest Checkers.

There has to be some kind of misunderstanding here.

The eccentric rapper took to Instagram to address “BBW” (‘Big Black Women’ or ‘Big Beautiful Women’ … he doesn’t mind which acronym you prefer) and he asked them to pull up at Checkers to not only get some love and attention from the cuddly rapper, but also to enjoy a beautiful, cool slushy.

Many of the rapper’s South African fans picked up on this and took to Twitter to express their confusion.

Why would Rick Ross pick a Checkers grocery store of all places to meet up with his fans, when he could choose any club in Johannesburg?

One particular fan expressed their disappointment at his choice and emplored Kwesta to take Rozay to the hood before things got out of control:

Eliyah Rangata@EliyahRangata

Rick Ross bathong…hai Busy Corner or ko Saki…Checkers…Kwesta take him to kasi…

It turns out that there was a misunderstanding. Checkers is also an American restaurant franchise and Rick Ross owns a few of their restaurants in Florida. Rick Ross also owns a chicken fast food establishment among his many business ventures.

After realising this, the video made sense. He was just promoting his restaurant (and love for BB women):

This isn’t be the first time that Rick Ross has arrived in South Africa without fully being clued up

Who remembers this infamous tweet from his 2013 visit to the country?

Yung Rénzél 👑


I juss landed in Africa nicca

And besides, the very least we could do is take Rick Ross to a Woolies!

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