The burial service at Wanyororo Cemetery in Bahati, Nakuru County came to a standstill for over two hours after a family disagreed on whether to bury their murdered kin or not.

Edward Mwangi, 33 was murdered on the night of December 3 and his body found the following day within a farm next to the suspect’s home.According to the residents, Mwangi and his two friends descended on the suspect’s home after learning that his lover with whom they have a ten-year-old child was in the suspect’s house.

“The three went to the suspect’s house at night, one of them armed with a knife. They attacked the suspect who overpowered them and snatched the weapon. However Mwangi was left at the house where the suspect used the same knife to stab him several times on the chest.

“According to post-mortem results, Mwangi died due to injuries on his heart. They were caused by the knife used to stab him,” said Charles Mucheru, a cousin to the deceased.

The matter took a new twist at Kiugoini Police Station where the wife of the deceased Mary Wangari said the suspect reportedly held dialogue with the police officers and was set free minutes later while she was denied an OB number.

Mwangi’s parents and brothers who live in Kirinyaga planned the burial despite the wife and the deceased’s cousins from Nakuru opposing the move until the suspect is arrested and charged.

“Those from Kirinyaga don’t know the pain we are going through. We want justice for Mwangi. Burying him while his murderer is walking free is denying justice to the immediate family of the deceased,” said Mucheru.

Attempts to calm them down by Dundori Member of County Assembly Michael Chege were futile as they maintained their grounds.

Women from the village however defended the widow and warned the Kirinyaga team from touching her even as she pulled back the casket from being lowered.However the deceased was buried.

Do you think Mwangi will get justice?

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