Busisiwe Manesseh Ndlovu was well-known in the Emjindini community and the news came as a shock to her family.

Busisiwe Manesseh Ndlovu, reportedly arrested in Turkey. Photo: Facebook
Busisiwe Manesseh Ndlovu, reportedly arrested in Turkey. Photo: Facebook

A local woman was arrested in Istanbul, Turkey, for allegedly trafficking drugs.

The department of international relations and cooperation (Dirco) has confirmed 43-year-old Busisiwe Manesseh Ndlovu’s arrest.

Spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya, however, told Lowvelder they could not reveal how much the drugs weighed nor the value estimation.

“We are aware of the arrest and we are rendering consular service. That is all we will say for now.”

According to Ndlovu’s relative, who did not want to be named, her family has been shocked by this news. “She was a humble person. She kept everything to herself, very secretive. She was well known in the community and her arrest has come as a shock to the whole Emjindini.”

The family member said all they knew about Ndlovu was that she was earning a living as a hawker, and she also worked in the Expanded Public Works Programme.

“She used to go to Durban to stock designer shoes and clothing that she sold here. She was also actively involved in the ANC Women’s League,” the relative said, emphasising how immensely shocked everyone was.

“We all used to believe that she was earning a living the right way. Her children and partner are battling to handle the situation.”

The relative further said they were not aware of which Turkish prison she is held in.

“Since her arrest, no one has had any direct communication with her. Officials from Dirco are communicating with the family. Everyone in the family is fearing for the worst.

“We all don’t know how she was hooked to be involved in drug trafficking.”


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