Pinetown driver turns tables on robbers, shooting one dead and wounding the other

Dec 3, 2018 2:15 PM

Two Durban-based robbers got more than they bargained for when they attempted to rob a Pinetown driver on Monday


Police in the Pinetown region of Durban confirmed that one defiant motorist managed to fend-off his would-be attackers, by shooting one dead and wounding the other.

The dramatic incident played out during the morning rush hour. Approaching from the west of Durban and heading into the city, the driver was accosted by the pair just after 7:00. As reported by the local newspaper, Highway Mail, the man behind the wheel was coming to a halt at traffic lights when he was singled out.

Pinetown hijacking foiled

The attackers approached the vehicle, and


had the situation under control: They held a knife to the driver’s throat and asked him to hand over all his cash as well as a cell phone.

When reaching for what the robbers though were his personal possessions, the plucky motorist had actually got his hands on a firearm. He shot one of the attackers, before hitting the other as he ran away. There was one confirmed fatality, but police are still looking for the suspect that managed to flee the scene.

Captain Bongumusa Manqele is the communications officer for Pinetown. Manqele confirmed the story to the media:

“One of the men pointed a knife at the victim and he retaliated, shooting both of them. They fled, but the other one suspect fell and died.”

Bongumusa Manqele

South Africans fight back against car crime

The incident took place on the corner of Anderson and Old Main Roads. The case has striking similarities to one we reported on last week: A Cape Town woman managed to fend off her attackers with some bad-ass evasive driving, before getting herself to safety.

Once the second suspect is apprehended in the Pinetown case, the law will not look favourably upon him: A case of attempted robbery has already been opened by the local SAPS unit, who are now also obliged to open up a case of inquest for the assailant who was killed.

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