Facts about witchcraft you did not know


Nov 28, 2018 6:22 PM
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Christian leaders get ready to destroy witchcraft paraphernalia in Mombasa. A study says a quarter of Kenyans believe in witchcraft despite being deeply religious. (Photo/FILE)

Witchcraft or witchery broadly means the practice of and belief in magical skills and abilities exercised by solitary practitioners and groups. However, there are some facts about traditional witchery that you did not know. Here are the facts:

1.The witches are always harmless. It has always been stereotypical that the witches are harmful but that is not the case; these witches are just like any other human being but the spirits in them enable them to be perceived differently. In fact, when you meet him/her during broad daylight you will not even notice that they are witches. Upon darkness, they behave differently due to the fact that they are now possessed with evil spirits.

2.They must attend to duty; these witches have no alternative other than ensuring that they disturb you at night when you are asleep. They must disturb you by either knocking your door using their buttocks, touching the iron sheets of your house or even whistling. Please note that it is an obligation inside them that they must do this before they go back to their houses to sleep.

3.They are able to kill innocent human beings but unable to restore back the lives of the so killed; this appears quite ridiculous. The witches have the ability to kill a person but once they kill they are unable to bring back that person to live again. What if they were able to restore back the life of the deceased? Then most people were to be lured to join them.

4.They are the poorest and most disadvantaged; when one tries to have a look at the lifestyle of the witches, it is quite unrealistic. Majority of them live in grass thatched houses and their children are not well learned. In fact, the children from which families are more of school dropouts. I think this could be the reap of these witches because they kill innocent people and disturb people at night.5.Finally, the witches are always indignant and jealous. These witches do not feel comfortable when their neighbors are blessed with cows, education or even wealth in general.That is the reason why they opt to kill those neighbors who are possessing wealth.

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