shock as drunk woman grabs husbands manhood

Shock as drunk woman grabs husband’s manhood

Nov 29, 2018 7:53 AM
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A man protecting his manhood after attack. [Source/]

Residents of Emonga village in Nyamaiya, Nyamira County are yet to come to terms after a middle aged drunk woman hanged on her husband’s manhood and injured him severely on Wednesday evening.

Witnesses said the woman, Catherine Kerubo returned home from a chang’aa den and when the husband James Barongo asked her why she consumed chang’aa, she became chaotic.

“Kerubo is a troublesome woman when she gets drunk. She hanged on her husband’s manhood after she was questioned why she abandoned her duties in the house to consume chang’aa at a den,” said a local Duncan Ondoro.

Mr Ondoro said helpless Barongo screamed for help from neighbors.

“Neighbors responded to the victim’s screams and rescued him. Kerubo was swinging on her husband’s manhood before he was rescued,” said Ondoro.

Area assistant chief Peter Bota said neighbors rushed the victim to Nyamira County hospital for treatment.

“Barongo’s manhood were stretched causing severe pain. He is currently being treated in hospital,” said Bota.

He noted that upon questioning the woman, she revealed that her husband has not been giving her conjugal rights something that led her to venture into chang’aa consumption.


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