Former U.S. President George H W Bush has died at 94.

Former US President George H. W. Bush has died at age 94, his family announced late Friday.
Former US President George H. W. Bush has died at age 94, his family announced late Friday. Image: Mandel NGAN / AFP

Former US president George H.W. Bush, who helped steer America through the end of the Cold War, died Friday at age 94, his family announced.

“Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro and I are saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear Dad has died,” his son, former president George W. Bush, said in a statement released on Twitter by a family spokesman.

“George H.W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for.”

Bush’s passing comes just months after the death in April of his wife and revered first lady Barbara Bush – his “most beloved woman in the world” – to whom he was married for 73 years.

He is survived by his five children and 17 grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements will be announced in due course, a family spokesman said.

The US leader was a foreign policy stalwart who declared a “new world order” in 1990 and drove Iraq from Kuwait but saw his military intervention in the Middle East serve as a harbinger of chaos to come.

The decorated war pilot and former CIA chief suffered the ignominy of being a one-term president, denied a second term over a weak economy when he lost the 1992 election to upstart Democrat Bill Clinton.


shock as drunk woman grabs husbands manhood

Shock as drunk woman grabs husband’s manhood

Nov 29, 2018 7:53 AM
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A man protecting his manhood after attack. [Source/]

Residents of Emonga village in Nyamaiya, Nyamira County are yet to come to terms after a middle aged drunk woman hanged on her husband’s manhood and injured him severely on Wednesday evening.

Witnesses said the woman, Catherine Kerubo returned home from a chang’aa den and when the husband James Barongo asked her why she consumed chang’aa, she became chaotic.

“Kerubo is a troublesome woman when she gets drunk. She hanged on her husband’s manhood after she was questioned why she abandoned her duties in the house to consume chang’aa at a den,” said a local Duncan Ondoro.

Mr Ondoro said helpless Barongo screamed for help from neighbors.

“Neighbors responded to the victim’s screams and rescued him. Kerubo was swinging on her husband’s manhood before he was rescued,” said Ondoro.

Area assistant chief Peter Bota said neighbors rushed the victim to Nyamira County hospital for treatment.

“Barongo’s manhood were stretched causing severe pain. He is currently being treated in hospital,” said Bota.

He noted that upon questioning the woman, she revealed that her husband has not been giving her conjugal rights something that led her to venture into chang’aa consumption.


Krugersdorp killer days calling

Krugersdorp killer says calling each other witches was a longstanding joke

Nov 29, 2018 2:00 PM

Marinda Steyn says it is not true that she and accused number two, Cecelia Steyn, the alleged mastermind of the Krugersdorp killings, are witches.

Miranda Steyn who is serving time for the Krugersdorp killings. Photo: Makhosandile Zulu
Miranda Steyn who is serving time for the Krugersdorp killings. Photo: Makhosandile Zulu

The woman who has been convicted for the so-called Krugersdorp murders, Marinda Steyn, 52, told the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday, the second day of her testimony, that it was not true that she and accused number two, Cecelia Steyn – whom she described as her best friend – were witches.

Cecelia, 37, Zak Valentine, 34, and Marcel Steyn, 20, are in court on accusations of murdering 11 people between 2012 and 2016.

According to previous testimony in court, Cecilia had told members of her alleged ministry, Chosen by God (Electus Per Deus), that she was a 42nd generation witch.

Responding to a question by state prosecutor Gerrit Roberts, who was questioning Marinda on a note she had allegedly written about what should be done to her remains after her death – in particular the words “Electus Per Deus witches” written on the note, she said that she and Cecelia being referred to and calling each other witches had been a long-standing joke.

“When Cecelia and I became friends, my family did not approve. My father specifically said we are like ‘damned witches dancing around fire’. Since then, and that was, like, more than 10-years-ago, we’ve always had this reference and thing between us joking about being witches,” Marinda testified.

She added that other people have called her and Cecelia witches, giving them various labels which they would “mock … because it is not true”.

“If you really are a witch you would not be telling people,” Marinda said.

Roberts further interrogated the witness on the content of the letter, with his questioning focusing on the words “saved or still unsaved”.

“Saved meaning saved in what sense?” Roberts asked

The prosecutor read an extract of the note: “Whatever I own [which] pays out money can be used towards whatever is needed for the Electus Per Deus witches (saved or still unsaved) … and our Electus Per Deus children.”

Marinda said Cecelia’s and her children; Le Roux Steyn, 22, who was sentenced for the murders earlier this year and Marcel, accused number three; are the Electus Per Deus children.

She explained that due to Cecelia having dissociative identity disorder (DID), a multiple personality disorder believed to be caused by childhood trauma, accused number two has different “parts” to her which are the children.

“Some of them are children of God and some of them are not saved, so … the saved and unsaved ones and me, together we form that (Electus Per Deus).

“For me, that was a stupid thing to write down,” Marinda said, adding that it was difficult to explain.

In May, Marinda received a 390-year sentence after signing a plea deal with the state. She was convicted of 11 murders (25 years for each) and 115 years for all the other crimes, which included fraud, racketeering and managing an enterprise, illegal possession of ammunition and firearms, defeating the ends of justice, robbery, and accessory after the fact of murder.

SHOCKING video shows brave woman fightingback as she is viciously attacked in cashpoint robbery.

Shocking video shows brave woman fighting back as she is viciously attacked in cashpoint robbery

Nov 29, 2018 7:27 PM

Shocking video shows brave woman fighting back as she is viciously attacked in cashpoint robbery

This is the moment a brave woman fought back after she was violently attacked in a mugging at a cashpoint in east London.

CCTV released by police today shows the victim bravely trying to fight off her attacker outside the ATM in Stratford.

She was repeatedly punched in the face during the violent robbery, police said.

Scotland Yard said the attack took place in Leytonstone Road, Stratford, just after 3pm on Wednesday.

A CCTV still of the suspect (Met Police)

At first, the female suspect appeared to be queueing behind the victim as she withdrew cash.

But the footage showed her slowly edging towards the victim before swinging a fist towards her face.

The CCTV shows the suspect then grabbing her victim round the neck and a struggle ensuing.

The victim was slapped twice as the woman took the money from the machine before running off.

Police said the victim, in her early 40s, did not require any medical treatment.

The suspect is described as a black woman in her late teens.

Det Insp Steve Bluemore, of Newham Police, said: “This was a shocking attack in broad daylight and we know a number of people were passing at the time.

“I would ask anyone who witnessed the incident or who recognises the suspect to contact police immediately.”


‘Woman wanted for her cop husband’s murder promised to pay co-accused’

Nov 29, 2018 12:18 PM

Qaqamba Qayisa has been named as a wanted suspect, more than a year since the murder of constable Maneli Jobela, her husband.

“[Two accused] don’t want to admit to the crime, but the other one said she had promised to pay them,” detective sergeant Deon Lotz said.

Qaqamba Qayisa is wanted for questioning in connection with the investigation into her husband's murder
Qaqamba Qayisa is wanted for questioning in connection with the investigation into her husband’s murder

The police suspect that Qayisa orchestrated her husband’s death, but lied about how he died.

“When the deceased’s body was found, she told us that they had picked up two people along the road and that on the way, one of them shot her husband,” said Lotz.

He said the police later discovered that Qayisa was not telling the truth.

“They shot him and put him at the back of his vehicle and drove around with him. They then put him on the driver’s seat.”

Lotz said Jobela was found in Samora Machel, 50km from where lives.

“One of the two suspects was linked to the firearm that was used in the crime,” Lotz said.

He said the woman is believed to be in the Eastern Cape. “Our investigation is finalised. We are now tracing her.”

Qayisa’s co-accused will appear in court tomorrow.

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