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Woman hanging on a rope after suicide [Source/hiveminer.com]

A 24-year woman hanged herself in sister’s house at Getare Village, Mosocho Kisii County.

Jacqueline Moraa her sister said Divinah Kemunto started behaving strangely on Monday with an unusual character a move that she took lightly little did she know it was her last day on earth.

“We took tea together on Monday morning, she left and told me she was going home. She carried her clothes and phone then she left. After I left to a nearby shop, I found she left those clothes there and phone too. I paid 300 and removed them back to my house. I searched for her the whole day but did not find her,” she narrated.

Jacqueline Moraa further says, she later returned back home to find the sister lying on a chair in the sitting room at 7 pm where she prepared supper, shared together and all left to bed for the night which turned sour the following morning.

“I came back and found her sleeping on a chair at 7 pm. We prepared supper and left to sleep. She told me, sister, I have something to tell you but I will tell you tomorrow. We slept. On Tuesday very early in the morning, I woke up to the sitting room to look for my slippers only to find her hanging on a leso.”

The area Chief Mr. Lawrence Omari Confirmed the incident and the body was taken to Christa Marianne Hospital Kisii as investigations commence to determine the cause of her decision.

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