Man shoots 15-feet long python that swallowed his dog in Anambra

Man shoots 15-feet long python that swallowed his dog

Nov 28, 2018 2:00 PM

This incredible event happened in Anambra.

See the 15-feet long python a man shot for swallowing his dog (Linda Ikeji’s Blog)

Animal rights are important, but staying alive is ‘importanter.’ That is why a lady thanked God after she was saved from the snake which crept into her shop.

While animal venom is being synthesized into drugs to treat conditions like cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, the raw dose of snake venom is lethal and can be fatal.

Usually, snakes target animals and that was the case in Anambra State when a man reportedly shot a python that swallowed his dog.

According to Linda Ikeji’s Blog, the snake had reportedly crept into the shooter’s house located at Oba junction, Anambra State, in the middle of the night and swallowed his dog. As is famous, when snakes swallow big creatures, they are rarely able to move and that likely happened to this snake.

When the shooter discovered what had happened, he went home to get his gun to shoot the incredibly long python dead. See the photos here;

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