Does ISIS have terrorists in South Africa? | News Article

Eleven people are now on trial for a suspected terror attack in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal. 

The State has submitted a supplementary affidavit in the bail application of the eleven suspects accused of attacking a mosque and planting explosive devices around Durban.

The defence will file its replying papers on Monday.

The court has heard the group may be linked to the Islamic State.

The state is alleging an ISIS flag was found at a house out of which they were operating along with manuals of how to construct bombs.

One of the 14 charges they’re facing is terrorism but we hear little to nothing from officials about efforts to deal with terror.

The Institute for Securitty Studies (ISS) says South Africa is attractive for ISIS recruitment for a number of reasons. South African recruits seem more likely to come from average-income families, which reduces the financial burden their recruitment would otherwise pose. Most of the recruits could therefore take care of their own travel arrangements, though some still require financial and technical support. Travelling on a South African passport does not raise immediate suspicion, which makes it easy for South Africans to book itineraries that would be less accessible to passport holders from other African countries.

Some experts have also blamed lawlessness and corruption for South Africa’s vulnerability to radical Islamist groups. The released Abbotabad Papers, which indicate that al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden viewed South Africa as an open territory for the group’s activities, are worrisome. These allegations should compel the government not only to refute such perceptions, but also to thoroughly investigate and issue white papers on the threat of jihadism.

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