Taxi Driver and conductor Rapes a 25 years old



This incident happended ealier today in KZN where a 25-year-old wowan was raped at gun point by a taxi driver and his conductor.The woman was on her way to visit her boyfriend in Stanger when she entered a Hiace Taxi that had no passangers.The two suspects conviced her that they were going the same direction.

To her surprise,she asked the two why the taxi was empty and the conductor took a cloth and covered her face.

She was told her to keep quiet or they will shoot her.They eventually took another route and went to the cane field where the two took turns raping her at gun point.Eventually the taxi driver and his condutor left her in the field and she managed to get to the N2 freeway close to the Sibaya Casino where she stopped a motorist which called for help.

The victim explained that she was raped by two men on gunpoint when asked by a female Reaction Officer.Apparently the 25-year-old woman cleared that she is HIV postive+ and wanted to tell the two suspects about her status but she was scared that they will kill her.

The police has opened a rape case against the two suspects.


The police also plead anyone with valid information regarding the whereabouts of the two suspect to immediately contact the police

Video-Cubana chief priest celebrates with Moetchandon as it marks 150 years of Existence..

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Watch video below

(video)Northern Trucks stopped from Entering South

Trucks carrying foodstuff from
the north, allegedly stopped from entering the south-
west amid stand-off between both regions.
Some travelers who shared the video, said the trucks
are allegedly being stopped at Kara Jebba, the last
village between Niger state and Kwara state.
Drivers of the trucks were reportedly turned back and
allegedly asked to offload in northern states

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I need a man that wont get tired in Bed

Physical intimacy is a part of a wholesome dating, it helps couples join on any other level. However, the frequency differs from couple to couple, a few want it ordinary and a few once per week or so.

This girl shocked human beings on Twitter together with her peculiar request, she wanted a guy who could take her 60 instances an afternoon with out getting tired. This is an not possible in shape for a individual in lots of methods than one and Twitter men laet her know it.

Some advised she simply purchase a gun it’s miles equal because her request will kill the man, noone can continue to exist one of these day. One guy even said she needs robocop because no man is built to closing that lengthy or she needed to be born during the time of Hercules so he can manipulate her request.

Others had been looking for a pay day and requested if she goes to pay the man and if so, he can set up 20 men as long as there is fee. One man questioned if she was superwoman and can she additionally in go back take it 60 times.

Other Twitter users went left area and suggested she discovered God and surrend her existence to him. Check out these humorous responses below and please do now not chortle by myself, proportion it together with your pals.

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